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Beethoven essay

beethoven essay

though he became deaf in 1817 he still composed and created some of his greatest pieces. Beethoven s father would wake him up at night to beat the music into his sleepy head (73). The final period, from 1814 to the end of his life, is characterizedby even wider ranges of harmony and counterpoint. As a final hardship, Beethoven developed a buzzing noise in his ears. 23-27 (London and New York, 2001). His greatestbreakthroughs in composition came in his instrumental work, includinghis symphonies. A short, muscular, stocky man, he had a bush of wild hair and fierce, piercing black eyes in a notably ruddy face. The rise of Ludwig van Beethoven into the rank of history's greatest composers was paralleled by and in some ways a consequence of his own personal tragedy and despair (Internet-pg. The both of these very much passive listeners where similar in many ways in their style and how they composed. His works include nine symphonies, an opera, two choral masses, 48 sonatas, 10 overtures, and dozens of trios, quartets, and songs.

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One interesting fact about Beethoven was that by the time he was 12 years old, he was earning a living for his family by playing organ and composing. Despite these and other abuses - which might well have. I have heard a lot about him. Ludwig Van Beethoven, a German musician, is one of those very few. He found music a rococo-dramatic art, the orchestra a relatively small ensemble, and the piano a newly established successor to the harpsichord. Two weeks after arriving in Vienna Beethoven suffered yet another hardship. There is not very much known about Beethoven's childhood, but it is known that he was baptized on December 17, 1770. Ludwig van Beethoven 1226 words - 5 pages Some of the most well known composers came to be in the in the classical music period. The first period shows Beethoven as grade 9 essay exemplar the direct heir and imitator of Haydn and Mozart.

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beethoven essay