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bio description

occupation. "Coffeeholic" "Ninja Lean Entrepreneur" "Growth Hacker" "Social Media Expert sorry, but these are vague (and forgettable). Here's a great example from @econsultantcy with targeted keywords on what they write about. What have you done?

bio description

Where empathy and compassion are a big part of the job description. Powerful tips and secrets from social media experts on how to write a professional bio for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Google. Seven challenges to creating a Twitter bio. It s a little bit c hallenging when it comes to a Twitter description.

He has written for The New York Times, and has written or co-created five books. It even beats out, wikipedia! In other words, your exciting word can be the same as your flattering word. Instead of saying you write about time management, say your blog helps people save 3 hours a day! Laura has a good sense of humour and that reflects in her professional bio. That means the strongest Twitter bios usually contain industry targeted keywords. No pressure or anything.