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Essay media literacy

essay media literacy

It teaches them to become active, engaged media consumers and users. How are these portrayals influenced by the values or assumptions of the media creators, by commercial considerations, or by the influence of different genres (cop shows, action games, etc.)? People believe in information that confirms their priors. How are musicians portrayed in media, and how does that influence how youth see them?

Students are also encouraged to reflect on economic and political incentives that might bias reporting. What is Media Education? Family Studies : How are families depicted in different media? University of Southern California, 4 students find themselves able to view pictures, read a map and input data, but are unable to create an image, map data and understand why one chart is better than another. Ask: What is the commercial purpose of this media product (in other words, how will it help someone make money)? An attempt to observe children reading and writing visual texts was made by twenty US and Australian teachers in 1990-94, and followed up in 2011. This resonated with many parents experience. Nonbelievers would use the label to reinforce their view that the information is fake (and minimize the spread, which is probably a good thing while believers would simply ignore the label. I remember a casual conversation that I had with a teen girl in the midwest while I was doing research. The solutionism around this has been condescending at best.

In general, media literacy work can be evaluated in three ways: Based on how well the student understands the key concepts of media literacy and the specific concepts and ideas being explored in the lesson or assignment. Fight the perception that It doesnt matter Students often try to avoid talking about the implications of media products by saying its only a TV show or a video game, or a music video, or. Understanding what sources to trust is a basic tenet of media literacy education.