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Essay on the study of literature

essay on the study of literature

me to find similarities in two different cultures, and to also find that although literature varies in form and content, it is important and it is a central dissertation binden lassen wien part. There Columbus is granted a vision of the future that removes all his doubts, not least because it includes the sight of 'growing Dartmouth' 'bosom'd in groves.'. I read literature because its function, as I define it, is to illuminate some aspect of the human condition. . From the time of Samuel Knapp, however, the idea of American Literature had repeatedly tested the boundaries of the literary, smuggling in everything from voyage narratives, sermons, and political pamphlets to autobiographies and tall tales; and the critics' insistence on distinguishing between what. The Hasty-Pudding, the poem for which he is best remembered. Stefan Kolis "When I pick up a fantasy novel and fly through it in an hour, I do it for enjoyment, pure and simple. . Kate Sanborn Had things gone the way of Sanborn's hopes, I suppose, the Winkley Professorship would have passed from Richardson to his own student Fred Lewis Pattee 1888. Stiles was also the father-in-law of Abiel Holmes, the compiler of one of our earliest national histories, The Annals of America, (in which Columbus again discovers the United States) and the father of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Professor of Anatomy in the Medical School from 1838. What they contain that dime novels do not is a window into the things that make human beings tick, the methods behind our madness, so to speak. . The term 'Anglo-Saxon' in Sanborn's title reflects the advent of graduate studies in America, at Johns Hopkins in 1867, and the decision to justify teaching students their own language by making it as hard to learn as Latin or Greek.

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The title of Sanborn's last chair resonates with significance for our history. Any way you look at it, these two American Literatures, although interconnected in complex ways, are quite different things. What is certain, however, is that there are things to be learned from literature that are specific to it, that cannot be attained through any other medium. When Hawthorne worked at the Boston custom-house, he roomed in the home of Thomas Green Fessenden, valedictorian in the Class of 1796 and himself an American writer of some note. With the founding of the graduate schools, however, the study of English was rapidly becoming professionalized. By the time Chase appeared on the scene, criticism was in the saddle, and one could no longer explain literature in terms of the historical circumstances that produced. The Admiral is close to despair when an angel appears straight out.