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The great chicago fire of 1871 essay

the great chicago fire of 1871 essay

William Deacon Bross, Illinois former lieutenant-governor, came upon a rascal fleeing from his half-demolished house and wearing half-a-dozen of his suits. Along with the stories of narrow escapes, heroic rescues, and selfless mutual assistance, there were also tales-no doubt exaggerated but with some basis in fact-of looting and drunkenness, as philosophy essay self evaluation well as of outrageous demands and outright thievery by those who had been hired to cart. When he went there and finally finished settling down his son he saw the fire that started to catch in his backyard. The same day the Great Chicago Fire began, a fire broke out in Peshtigo, Wisconsin, in which more than 1,000 people perished. Musham in 1941, admitted as much. Before long, however, they realized that there was no place of guaranteed safety. A terrible calamity is impending over the city of Chicago! The Selfish Goll Goll didnt care about the fire so of course he didnt turn in a fire alarm, but in the end when the fire was put out he lied saying that after William left he turned in a fire alarm.

the great chicago fire of 1871 essay

Another reason why everything in Chicago was so flammable was because almost the entire city was made out of wood. OLeary did little talkingindeed, remained silent until official inquiries in November. She has only to wait a few short years for the sure development of her manifest destiny! It came to be called The Rookery, because it attracted pigeons, a name retained by the imposing office building that later went up on the site and thesis on credit risk pdf stands yet as one of the citys notable surviving architectural landmarks. Yes, she shall rise! Indeed, on the very night Train spoke, it seemed that he might be a day early in his prediction. But the imaginations of youthful architects were stimulated, and among forerunners and later participants in the years that came to be known as Chicagos golden era of architecture was William LeBaron Jenney, whose Portland Block in 1872 at Dearborn and Washington and Leiter Building. Real estate values, of course, soared, especially in the business area, and old fortunes were revitalized and some new ones created. Chicago Fire: October 1871. But then several hit a kerosene tank railroad car on tracks near the present site of the Wrigley Building.

Practically overnight the great city of Chicago was.
The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 was one of the largest disasters in American histor.
Practically overnight the great city of Chicago was destroyed.

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