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Thesis climate change adaptation

thesis climate change adaptation

Towards a National Climate Change Policy. This research also aims to look into the existing socio-economic vulnerabilities of Bangladesh in order to establish human causes of global warming essay the linkage between climate change and development. What is the role of NGOs and government institutions in climate change adaptation? 6 The unfccc requires all parties to submit national reports on implementation of the Convention to the Conference of Parties (COP). Developing countries, as emphasized in recent research publications and studies, are expected to suffer the worst impacts of climate change in relation to loss of lives, livelihoods and increasing damage to their living standards (ipcc, 2001, AfDB.

Overall this research has observed that Bangladesh is still lacking this capacity, despite the spontaneous adaptation being practised by local communities. 1.2 Research Questions The research questions to be answered by the study are as follows: - How are poor, rural communities affected by climate change?

Chapter Seven, conclusions and Recommendations, bibliography, appendix. The Government of Bangladesh (GoB) mainly in the 1990s has put in place a number of sectoral policies and plans that bear upon its ability to cope with current and additional climate risks posed by climate change (Agrawala. Adaptation is one of the most available responses addressing the threats of climate change, as it is a process that involves moderating strategies to cope with uncertain climatic events.

Such a loss of agricultural land and production is expected to adversely affect the poorest population of the country on a local scale and nationally, it will undermine the countrys effort to reduce poverty as stated under the Poverty Reduction Strategy Plan (prsp) and the. The research will also look into the existing socio-economic vulnerabilities of Bangladesh and relate this to climate change travel alone or with companion essay impacts, in order to further establish the linkage between climate change and development. 2.1 Bangladesh Bangladesh is a member of the Least Developed Countries (LDC) group located in South Asia, which is bordered by India on the west, north and east, Myanmar on the south-east and by the Bay of Bengal on the south (figure 1). Most of the country is comprised of low-lying land formed mainly by the delta of the Ganges, Brahmaputra and the Meghna (GBM) river systems. The low economic growth, geographical settings and existing threats of natural hazards and anthropogenic stresses all contribute in making the country weak in its economic development and quality of life (bcas, 2001). Al, 1999, Selvaraju. Al, 2007, Stern, 2007) Major studies3 have been done over the last decade to assess Bangladeshs vulnerability to climate change and it is notable from these climate studies that the country will be highly susceptible to climate change and sea level rise by sectors and. Explore the policies and strategies adopted and/ or in the process of being adopted in relation to climate change in Bangladesh. Introduction.1 Research Objectives.2 Research Questions.3 Structure of the Dissertation, chapter Two, background to the Study.1 Bangladesh.2 Climate Change Vulnerability: Bangladesh Context.3 National Responses.4 Adaptation.

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