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A walk to remember theme essay

a walk to remember theme essay

people Landon is gossiping about or mocking are probably aware of his sentiments. Little by little, he grows into a new person, shedding his immature, selfish ways and growing into a kind, gentle, selfless young man. Throughout the story you see their relationship change, and surprisingly he ends up falling in love. Second, that gossiping and mocking are not required activities for teenagers; after all, Jamie is a teenager who does not participate in these activities. AT the start, they are so different and quite opposite; Jamie being the preachers daughter who is an angel and Landon how is mischievous and needs guiding. Jamie has always been the object of ridicule upon his friends. Landon cant seem to get his memorization of the lines quite well and ends up asking Jamie for help, resulting in the beginning of their newfound love together. He doesnt know if he still should act cool with all of his friends or be with Jamie and be not as popular. Although Jamie knew she would die at a very young age, her fearlessness enabled Landon to live.

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He is no longer a jerk but rather a nice boy who doesnt care so much about what other people think about him. When he and his friends are caught playing a prank on a fellow student and nearly killing him, he must face the consequences. However, one secret that Jamie had kept hidden from Landon puts a bump in the road and is difficult to get around. Had she responded in anger, the two may have remained in their resentment for years. Jamie, of course, lives for others and does so cheerfully. However, you can see life through teenagers eyes. It is about a teenager named Landon Carter. This incident results in Landon having to do community service by tutoring and by being involved in the schools spring play which is where he encounters the serious and hardworking preachers daughter, Jamie. The major characters in this movie are very interesting, each with very diverse personalities. Jamie is also struggling with her father because she wants him to see the good side of Landon and trust her in her decisions. In order for a boy to enter is gang, he must jump off of an industrial building into a shallow river, ending p in the hospital. She feels hurts and wounds just as much as anyone else, but she responds with kindness to those who have hurt her, and they, in turn, begin to change their interactions with her.

a walk to remember theme essay

Theme in, a Walk to Remember, bookmark this page Manage My Reading List Ask anyone which makes more sense, listening to logic or listening to your heart, and the vast majority will tell you that logic wins. A Walk to Remember - The Human Heart, a Walk to Remember - The Human Heart. A Walk to Remember, by Nicholas Sparks take you on a whirl wind journey into the depths of the human heart, and leads Landon, one of the main characters, to a decision so stunning it would lead him irrevocably on the road to manhood.

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